Follow the path to Add/Edit the Packages provided:

Go to Admin -> Packages

a. Add New Package: Click here and it will take you the page entitled Add New Package as shown below:


i. Name: Mention the name of the Package here.

ii. Amount: Actual amount of that Package is to be mentioned here.

iii. Discounted Amount: The amount at which the Package is availabe for the time being.

iv. Expiry: Time limit of a particular Package.

v. Upload Photo: Click the Choose File button to upload the desired photograph.

vi. Description: Description  of the photograph that describes the details of the Package.

Once you are done with all the entries, click the Save button.

b. Edit: Select the desired Package that you want to edit, then click Edit.

A new page will pop up on the screen, as shown below:


  • Make the changes in the entries, already existing.
  • Select Status to be Active or Inactive.
  • Then click the Update button to save the changes.

c. Delete: Select the desired Package that is to be deleted.

  • Click the Delete button.
  • A confirmation to delete the Package will appear.
  • Click OK button to Delete the selected Package.




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