How to Add/Edit/Delete Coupons?

COUPONS: coupon is a ticket or document that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product.

To work on the coupons, follow the given path.

Go to Admin -> Coupons -> Add New Coupon/Edit/Delete

1. Add New Coupon: To add a new Coupon, click here and a new window will pop up, as shown below:

i. Name: Give name to your Coupon.

ii. Description: Explain the details of the coupon being offered.

iii. Coupon Amount: Mention the amount or percent of discount you are providing in your Coupon.

iv. Coupon Minimum Order: Mention the least number of Coupons when the order is being placed.

v. Coupon Code: Every Coupon comes with a specific code, which is its identification.

vi. No. Of Coupons: No. of Coupons added to a specific offer will be mentioned here.

vii. Uses Per Customer: Number of Coupons one individual can use is mentioned here.

viii. Start Date: Mention the starting date of the offer here.

ix. End Date: Here will be mentioned the date when the offer will expire.

Once you are done with the entries, click the Save button. 

2. Edit: Select the desired Coupon to edit and click the Edit button.

It will take you to the page entitled Edit Coupon, as shown below:

  • Make the changes to be made  in the desired section.
  • Click on Status to make it Active or Inactive.
  • Finally click the Update button to save the changes.

3. Delete: Select the Coupon to be deleted and click the Delete button.

It will show a confirmation message containing OK and Cancel.

Click the OK tab and the selected Coupon will be deleted.

4. Used Coupons: These are the Coupons already used by the students.

Click here and it will take you to a new page as shown below:

i. Coupon Name: Here are mentioned the name of the coupons.

ii. Coupon Code: Here are mentioned the codes generated for each coupon.

iii. Student Name: Mention the name of the student in this section.

iv. Student Email: The student’s email is mentioned in this section.

v. Used Date: The date at which the coupon is used by the student.

  • Export to Excel: Click here if you want to save this data in an excel sheet.


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