How to Add/Edit/Delete a Sub Topic?

SUB TOPIC:  It is a topic that is one of the parts or divisions of the main topic of a piece of writing.

To work on a Sub Topic, follow the path given below:

Admin -> Sub Topic -> Add a Sub Topic/Edit/Delete

a. Add New Sub Topic: Follow the steps to add a new Sub Topic:

Click the Add New Sub Topic button and it will direct you to a new page as shown below:

i. Subject: Add the subject whose Topic and Sub Topic you desire to add.

ii. Topic: Mention the Topic here.

iii. Sub Topic: Here will be mentioned the Sub Topic of the Suject.

When you are done with the entries, click the Save button.

b. Edit: Select the desired Sub Topic to be edited and then click the Edit button.

A new window will pop up as shown below:

Make the changes that are to be made by clicking on the Subject, Topic, Sub Topic. Changes can be made only in the mentioned options, nothing could be added manually in Subject and Topic.

Once done, click the Update button to save the changes.

c. Delete: Select the Sub Topic to be deleted and click the Delete button.

It will show a confirmation message containing OK and Cancel.

Click the OK tab and the selected Topic will be deleted.

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