How to Add a New Purchase?

 To Add/Edit New Purchase, follow the below steps:-

  • Login to admin panel
  • Click on Purchase

It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Purchase’. It shows three tabs as follows:-
(1) Add New Purchase-  Click here to Add a New Purchase, Enter all the required fields as follow:-
(i) Agency- Select the name of the agency from the existing list by whom property has purchased. 
(ii) Seller Name- Enter the seller name of that purchased property.
(iii) Seller Address- Enter the address of that property seller.
(iv) Seller Mobile- Enter the mobile number of that property seller.
(v) Property Name- Enter the purchased property name.
(vi) Property Area- Enter the area of the purchased property.
(vii) Select Unit- Select the unit of area from the existing list for that purchased property.
(viii) Property Amount- Enter the amount of that property in which you had purchsed it.
(ix) Property Description- Write the description about that purchased property.
(x) Remarks- Write a remark related to that purchased property. 
After Entering all the details Click on ‘Save’ button.

(2) Edit- Select the desired Purchase property to edit & Click here to edit existing contact details.
It will navigate you to the other page, titled ‘Edit Purchases’. Edit details as follow:-
Edit the existing Contact details and Click on ‘Update’ button.

(3) Print- Select the Property from the existing list for print, you can print the property details separately or in bulk too.
It will navigate you to the other tab and show you the preview of the selected contact for print as follows:-
Click on ‘Print’ button to get the print.


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