How to Create Exam

To create a Exam Click on-

1-Exam Application

2-From the drop down menu Select Exams


Now there appears a window titled Exams->It displays three tabs 1-Add New 2-Edit and 3-Delete.To Add a Exam click on Add New tab.If you wish to edit the Exam you can do that by Selecting the Exam you want to edit and Clicking on Edit tab or if you wish to delete the existing Exam which you created earlier you can do that by Selecting the Exam you want to delete and then Click on Delete tab.


By clicking on Add New tab it will navigate to other page which displays Add Exam with the options explained below-


  1. Name of Exam : This name appears  to the student when he attempts the Exam.
  2. Passing Percentage : Student with marks below to this will considered to be fail in Exam.
  3. Instruction: Provide the detailed instruction for student to attempt this Exam.
  4. Load Editor : It can be used for formatting the instructions.
  5. Duration: Duration of Exam in minutes. (For e.g. 60 minutes if the Exam is of 1 Hour. )
  6. Attempt Count: Number of time each student can attempt this exam. Use 0 for unlimited attempts.
  7. Start Date : You can set the start Date and Time for Each Exam, Use Calendar and Clock by clicking the icon.
  8. End Date: You can set the End Date and Time for Each Exam, Use Calendar and Clock by clicking the icon.
  9. Show Answer Sheet: Set Yes if you want student to view the answer sheet after the Exam.
  10. Select Group: Chose Group/s for which the exam will be available. Student with selected group will only be able to view and/or attempt the exam.
  11. Negative Marks: Clicking Yes  marks deduction for wrong answer.
  12. Random Question: Enable/Disable by clicking Yes/No  Random question for this exam for each student.
  13. Paid Exam: You can apply fee for Exam which can be paid via student using payment gateway or E-Wallet System
  14. Browser Tolerance: By Clicking Yes, During the Exam student will not be able to switch or minimize Exam window. If they do so, it will generate warning and exam will be terminated.
  15. Result After Finish: If set to yes,  Students can see their result when they finish the whole exam.
  16. Mode: There are two modes
  • Exam Mode: Where you need to manually pick the question from question bank for the Exam. All Student will get same questions in this mode.
  • Preparation Mode: Question will be automatically picked from question bank based on define parameters. All student may get different questions.

17. Instant Result : By enabling this option student will be able to see his result right after he clicked on the option (whatever the right answer is according to him)                                              and Save button.

18. Option Shuffle : By clicking on Yes , the order of options changes for each student attempting the same exam.

19. Save: Click on Save button to save the exam you have created.

20. Close: Click on Close button to close the exam you have created without saving.

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