How to Add New Plan

To Add a New Member  Go to Admin -> Plans option.

Now there appears a window titled Plans->It displays three tabs as explained below-:

Add New Plan : To Add a New Plan click here.It will navigate you to other window titled Add Plan.Fill in the options as explained below-


  1. Name : Write the name of the plan
  2. No of Contacts : Write the No of Contacts that plan should have.
  3. Amount : Write the amount that the plan carries
  4. Duration (Months) : Write the duration for which the plan will be active.For an unlimited duration write ‘0’
  5. Save : Click here to save the plan you have created.

Edit : If you wish to edit the existing plan you can do that by Selecting the plan you want to edit and Clicking on Edit tab.

Delete : If you wish to delete the existing plan that you created earlier you can do that by  Selecting the plan you want to delete and then Click on Delete tab.

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