How to Add New Deal

To Add a New Lead go to admin-> Deals . A new window appears which displays two tabs as follows-:


(i)ADD NEW DEAL : To Add a New Deal click on this tab.It will navigate you to the other window titled Add Deal.Fill in the details as explained below.



  1. Deal On : This option is for searching client’s name with whom we want to deal.
  2. Deal For : Select  the Project for which the deal is.
  3. Available For : Select the availability of the property from the menu.
  4. Invoice # : The invoice no is automatically generated.
  5. Invoice Date : Enter the date of invoice i.e. the date when the invoice is generated.
  6. Booking Amount : Enter the booking amount or the down payment made by the client.
  7. Area : Enter the area of the property.
  8. Amount : Enter the total amount of the property.
  9. Discount : If any discount given to the client mention the discount given.
  10. Payment Plan : Select the method of payment or the payment plan from the drop down menu .
  11. Agent if any : Select the agent if any to whom the client or the deal belongs.
  12. Comment / Remarks : Any note or remark if needed to be added to the deal .
  13. SAVE : Save the details of the lead.

(iii) Delete: To remove the existing deal ,Select the deal which you want to delete and then click on Delete tab.

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