Additional Features

Administration Features-

  • Interactive Dashboard with System Summery
  • Groups to categorise Students and Teachers
  • Users with Custom Rights/Permissions
  • Group based Users with personalised dashboard
  • Subjects with Group Assignment
  • Question Banks

Question Bank-

  • Four Types Questions : 1. Objective, Subjective, True and False and Fill in the Blanks
  • Question Editor with Image Upload Option
  • Question Editor with Maths Jax Plugin for Math Formal
  • Optional Hint for each Question
  • Option Explanation for each Questions
  • Marks and Negative Marks
  • Difficulty Level
  • CSV Bulk Export / Import of Questions

Exam Features-

  • Exam with Data and Time parameter
  • Exam Attempt Count
  • Group Restriction
  • Control for Answer Sheet view after exam to student
  • Enable / Disable Negative Marks
  • Enable Disable Random Questions
  • Free and Paid Exams
  • Browser Tolerance for Window Switching / Minimising prevention during exam.
  • Expiry Date for Exam
  • Exam mode for Specific Question or Random Question from Question Bank

Result Features-

  • Exam Wise Result
  • Group Wise Result
  • Ranking for each Exam
  • Result in PDF
  • Certificate for each Exam
  • Detailed Result including Sectional Analysis , Time and correction answer details
  • Result with Performance Chart

Student Management-

  • Student Enrolment from Front End and Admin
  • Full Student Profile with Photo
  • Student E-Wallet with Transaction History
  • Student Data Export / Import from CSV
  • Student Expiry in Days
  • Student Account Status
  • Full Student Dashboard (Front End)

Email Features-

  • Internal Email Box
  • Read, Send , Store Internal Email
  • Multiple Email Submission
  • External Emails
  • SMTP Settings

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